Implementation sdgs in the local government


(Case Study : Bojonegoro – East Java)
by: Rahmat Junaidi

It’s been over a year since agreed during a meeting of the world (initiated by the United Nations) in September 2015, Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs)) which is an agreed new development push changes shifted towards sustainable development based on human rights and equality to encourage the development of social, economic and environmental. SDGs imposed by the principles of universality, integration and inclusive to ensure that no one is missed as part of sustainable development, consisting of 17 objectives and 169 targets, unfortunately until now the central government appears not settle the debate to establish the regulation any form of regulation, in order to be implemented well in the center and in the regions, so that a National Action Plan and the regional Action Plan that could immediately benefit the people. The question is whether the central government will continue to unnerve the local government? Is the world so important agenda that could benefit the area? Is it not to repeat the failure of the Millennium Development Goals? Sometimes we listen skeptical statement that Sustainable Development Goals is only for the benefit of the central government, only a theory which does not mean anything for the people

In order to answer these questions, then we try to make a case in Bojonegoro. We’re in Bojonegoro Objective seeks to implement sustainable development in the spirit as a guide for programs and development activities Bojonegoro must actually lead to the sustainable development objectives, under the direct command of the regent Kang Yoto. We recognize as the people that the Regents really mastered any problems for the sake of the welfare of its people, What do Bojonegoro in my opinion is a step in a systematic and really tried to get what we termed as 4 companions that governments at all levels, people throughout the community – community / NGO, academics in higher education institutions in Bojonegoro and young entrepreneurs to successful entrepreneurs in Bojonegoro and institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce ( its implementation of no one left behind). We are at the first step to do what is called baseline data is simple lucky for us as it was supported by the World Bank through quick survey (rappid assessment) after receiving the data base according to the basic indicator and analyzed together with the World Bank, then we set up the declaration as the only districts / cities that are ready to implement sustainable development goals on March 22, 2016 which was attended by all four companions. SDGs also attended by the ambassador of Indonesia (Mrs Zumrotin) and as a partner of the NGO Infid National Minister of Planning ( Bappenas) to asistentention SDGs in Indonesia

To accelerate the implementation of the decree stipulated Bojonegoro Regent of the Task Force on Sustainable Development Goals with a combined four elements of the adjacency on April 1, 2016. To set the foundation philosophy of sustainable Bojonegoro Build this then also by a task force set 6 Bojonegoro sustainable development pillars, namely: economic, environmental, , social capital, sustained fiscal improvement, good governance and leadership transformation. Hl The first is that we try to translate some of the indicators within a social movement that is supported by Government Institution (SKPD) and all village government by name GDSC (Movement of Rural Healthy and Smart) where inside there are 20 indicators: group Healthy: open defecation free, sanitary non odf, maternal mortality rate and infant, toddler malnutrition, floor healthy home, healthy environment, participation of universal assurance, Family Planning group. For Smart groups: long learning, literacy, public reading, vocasional education, land use, water management, space utilization in area, food production, industrial processing, disaster management, rural infrastructure, governance good administration. Supposedly if GDSC runs and guided by a good start rural development planning, implementation of rural development and monitoring and evaluation then surely the quality of construction is termed as village building / build Indonesia from the periphery (nawa cita) will definitely be faster, higher quality and certainly easier to achieve the goal of sustainable development / sustainable development Goals and no worries about mistakes in the use of funds the village because it is clear indicator of the development targets of each village will be achieved through GDSC and the achievement of these targets in order to achieve the indicators of macro and micro are included in the indicator SDGs

On the other hand to affirm the support of the government and become the basic things that will be implemented, Bojonegoro also conduct a review / change Government Development Planning ( RPJMD), that mission and program RPJMD in accordance with the spirit of 17 sustainable development goals that SKPD can also review the Strategic Plan of its follow RPJMD this, so it really is government support becomes real for implementation SDGs, which began in 2017 applied budgeting this. In order SDGs is more easily recognized and implemented jointly by the component 4 friendship (government / legislature, the people / community / NGO, scientist / akadmisi and employers) then Bojonegoro perform the steps of socialization in the community with the term “Building Bojonegoro Sustainable” and do activities scientific writing competition on the theme Building the high school level Sustainable Bojonegoro. Also shaping the young generation of High School as Ambassador SDGs Bojonegoro. Because the younger generation is in my opinion the greatest role. As a diverter aspiration to support the transformation of SDGs. We are also planning to enter the local content curriculum education. SDGs implementation of the transformation can only be successful, if we’ve done the transformation of the way of thinking, from the central government to the regions no longer walk alone, but to integrate activities from planning to implementation. The central government also must firmly to immediately make regulations that could be implemented in the area so that the National Action Plan and the Local could be implemented immediately, the central government should not be made a confused area, let Prosperous people with SDGs to walk together hand in hand with the intention in truth people prosperous. (RJ).

RAHMAT Junaidi
researcher :