Guidelines for A Human Rights City in Indonesia

We are thankful to God Almighty for by His divine providence we have been able to produce the 2018 edition of the Guidelines for A Human Rights Cities. This is the second revision to the previous guide with an additional component emphasizing on the prevention of intolerance, radicalism and violent extremism

This book provides theoretical and empirical references, and technical guidelines for District Heads and Mayors across Indonesia in their efforts to protect and fulfill the human rights of all people, including women, children, minorities, marginalized communities, and other vulnerable groups.

The guide is structured around four key aspects: 1) Theories and principles of human rights and human rights cities; 2) Urgency and relevance of human rights cities in Indonesia; 3) Empirical experience in implementing the human rights city agenda at the national and international levels; 4) Technical guidelines for implementing the human rights city framework.

INFID would like to express its utmost gratitude to all who have contributed meaningfully to the development of this book: our partners at Komnas HAM, the Executive Office of the President of Indonesia, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the District Governments of Bojonegoro, Wonosobo, East Lampung and Pakpak Bharat, and other local governments, which we could not possibly mention all here, and our colleagues at Elsam, ICRP, Setara Institute, Wahid Foundation, Gusdurian Network, PBNU, Ma’arif Institute and others.

A special word of thanks also to Zainal Abidin who authored the book, and all INFID coworkers who have lend a helping hand.

Finally, acknowledging the limitations of this book, we sincerely hope that it will contribute, in one way or another, to efforts aimed at building human rights cities in Indonesia.

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