OGP Photo Challenge

Dear Open Government Civil Society Community,

Starting mid-March OGP will launch our new website (more information to come soon), which will include many more photos. Instead of using stock photos, we feel it would be much more interesting to feature images provided by our community so that we can highlight your work. For this reason we are running a photo contest via the OGP Instagram account on the theme of “What does open government look like?”

The winning photo will run on OGP’s new website in March (runners-up might be featured later in the year), with the appropriate photo credit.

The person and/or organization submitting the photo will be featured in OGP’s monthly newsletter.

To submit photos, simply post a photo on your personal/your organization’s Instagram account using the hashtag #opengovgram. It is fine to submit photos that have already appeared elsewhere (perhaps in your own publications) as long as you own the rights to them.

While the contest’s primary platform is Instagram, we understand that not everyone has an Instagram account, therefore you may also submit photos by emailing them to jacqueline.mcgraw@opengovpartnership.org with #opengovgram in the subject line.

More details about the contest can be found here.

Kind Regards,

Jacqueline McGraw
Communications Intern
Open Government Partnership
Email: jacqueline.mcgraw@opengovpartnership.org
Skype: jacqueline.mcgraw4